4 Tips To Help You Avoid Structure Problems When Doing Fire Damage Restorations

Posted on: 14 April 2016

There are many issues that you may face when repairing your home after a fire. The cleanup process can involve cleaning up smoke and water damage, as well as dealing with structural issues. When rebuilding areas of your home, you may want to know what can be saved and what cannot, as well as improvements that you can do to your home while doing repairs. Here are some tips to help you avoid structural problems when repairing your fire damage:

1. Removing Materials To Expose Areas With Structural Damage

The first thing that will need to be done before you can start rebuilding your home is to remove the damaged materials. Where the most damage is, you will want to remove drywall and any other materials to expose the structural features, such as concrete and wood framing that may need demolition or other repairs. 

2. Having A Structural Engineer Inspect And Recommend Repairs

When everything is exposed, you want to know what can and cannot be reused. This is something that you will want the help of a structural engineer for. They can tell you the structural elements that need repairs and what can be reused. The engineer can also provide a letter for building authorities to ensure that your home is structurally sound.

3. Replace Structural Members That Have Serious Burn Damage

Sometimes, structural elements of wood framing can be reused. It may only have slight charring or smoke damage. It will just need to be cleaned to get rid of the smell. If wood framing has severe charring, it is best to completely replace it to ensure that your home is structurally sound, as well as to completely remove any fire and smoke smells from your home.

4. Cleaning Water Damage To Prevent Mold And Rot Of Building Materials  

When you have a house fire, a lot of water is used to put the fire out. This means that most fire damage restorations will also have problems with water damage. You can have a water and fire damage restoration service clean up smoke and water damage. This will get rid of any smells and prevent mold and mildew that can cause rot of wood structural materials. 

These are some tips that will help you repair your fire damage and avoid structural problems. If you need help rebuilding and picking up the pieces, contact a water and fire damage restoration service (such as CDM Cesspool Service) and talk with them about some of the issues with your home.