Tips For Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

Posted on: 29 December 2022

Roll-off dumpsters are a convenient way to manage the waste generated in any home clean-out, remodel, or major project. Roll-off dumpsters are ideal because the open top makes it easy for you to dispose of waste no matter how busy the project is. When you are ready to explore your options and order a roll-off container for your project needs, there are a few things you need to think about.

Where Will The Dumpster Go? 

Before you can narrow down any further information about the dumpster that you're going to rent, you need to decide where to put it. This part needs to happen first so that you can determine exactly how much space you have to work with. That makes it easier to assess what size dumpster you can accommodate. You need a flat, leveled, easily accessible space for the dumpster, so measure an area that fits this so that you can choose the proper container.

What Size Unit Do You Need?

Consider what you're renting the dumpster for, how much weight you can expect to generate, and how much space you have to work with. Use those assessments to determine the best size of roll-off for your situation. Look for the largest possible container to be sure that you have adequate storage space.

How Long Do You Need The Container?

It is important to determine how long you will need the container. For short-term projects, you might only need it for a week or two. For larger renovations, you may need it for far longer. In the case of longer rentals, you should also clarify the process for swapping out the container if it gets full. Most companies are able to pick up the full one and replace it for you to keep your project going.

What Can You Dispose Of?

Every roll-off rental company will have specific details about what you can and cannot dispose of in their containers. Make sure you review the restrictions and details about what is permissible with each company so that you find one that will accommodate what you need.

Roll-off containers are a great investment for many different types of projects on your property. Whether you're trying to renovate your home or just clear out an inherited property, dumpsters are a great option. Talk with a local rental company today for more help and information. They can guide you to the right solution.