• Do You Have an Upcoming Construction Project? 4 Reasons to Get Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals

    Construction workers spend long hours at the construction site. During this time, these workers will need access to bathroom facilities. For this reason, you must have reliable, clean, and safe washrooms on your construction site. The restrooms offer incredible benefits to your workers, clients, the environment, and business. Read more about how your construction business can benefit from luxury portable restroom rentals. 1. They Protect Your Client's Privacy If you are working on a residential project, you might not want your workers to use the client's washrooms.
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  • 5 Tips For Placement Of Portable Toilets At Your Event

    You use portable toilets for events with many guests. Many American cities have portable toilet rentals where you can rent portable toilets for your event. Proper portable toilet placement is critical to the success or failure of your event. Find below a few tips on placing portable toilets at your event. 1. Land Dimensions and Topography You should measure the dimensions of the place you want to install your portable toilets.
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