5 Tips For Placement Of Portable Toilets At Your Event

Posted on: 21 March 2022

You use portable toilets for events with many guests. Many American cities have portable toilet rentals where you can rent portable toilets for your event. Proper portable toilet placement is critical to the success or failure of your event. Find below a few tips on placing portable toilets at your event.

1. Land Dimensions and Topography

You should measure the dimensions of the place you want to install your portable toilets. Similarly, measure the average dimensions of the portable toilets you intend to hire.

This information will help you determine the number of portable toilets you will have at your event. Second, a land survey will help you identify ideal placement positions where the ground is level, dry, and solid. Selecting sturdy ground will prevent your portable toilet from sliding, sinking, or tipping over.

2. Number of Guests

Portable toilet rentals usually offer you estimates on the number of portable toilets you will need depending on your guest list size. The placement of the portable toilets should offer adequate attendees satisfaction. By placing portable toilets near food and beverage centers, entrances, and exit places, you can achieve this.

Strategically place your portable toilets such that you don't interrupt social interaction. Place the portable toilets in a convenient area such that they don't invite long queues. Your guests shouldn't also walk for long distances to locate the portable toilets.

3. Security

Portable toilets fall prey to vandalism. Vandalism chances increase if you leave the portable toilets overnight without security. Consider placing portable toilets close to a sturdy item such as a post. You can then tie up several portable toilets with the sturdy object using a harness. Some portable toilet rentals offer chain links to secure the portable toilets.

4. Weather

Even if the forecast predicts sunshine, you should prepare for any weather. Situations such as mud will make it difficult for your guests to use the portable toilets. Strong winds can also wreak havoc and topple portable toilets. Consider anchoring your portable toilets to the ground to prevent such issues.

5. Special Considerations and Regulations

You should consider the different guests at your event. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that you have at least one portable toilet handicap-accessible. One handicap unit should be present within every cluster of standard portable toilets in this regulation. This consideration will ensure that all your guests feel welcome, no matter their condition.

Different regions have different regulations on the placement of portable toilets. Get acquainted with the regulation of your event's location. Usually, the portable toilets services company can guide you on this issue.


Portable toilet rentals offer an essential sanitation service for your event. Locating the portable toilet in an ideal location will allow your guests to enjoy your event. The above tips will help you undertake good portable toilet placement.