2 Simple Ways To Disguise Your Septic Tank

Posted on: 24 April 2016

If your home relies on a septic tank to process the waste created in your home, you may find that the installation of a new tank can disrupt your landscape design. You don't want to draw attention to an unsightly septic tank, so finding simple ways to disguise your tank without impeding access can be beneficial.

Here are two ideas you may want to try when it comes to camouflaging your new septic tank in the near future.

1. Plant tall grasses or small shrubs around your septic tank.

One of the easiest ways to hide your septic tank from neighbors and friends is by using greenery to camouflage the structure. Planting some tall grasses or small shrubs can give you the height you need to disguise the location of your septic tank without compromising the integrity of your tank.

When selecting plants to use in the area surrounding your septic tank, it's essential that you take the time to consider each plant's mature root depth. Deep-rooting varieties will seek out the nutrient-dense material inside your septic tank, and traveling roots could cause your cement tank to crack or split open.

Using plants that have some height above ground, but a shallow root system below ground will help you disguise your septic tank without placing the structure at risk of sustaining damage.

2. Use some faux landscaping features to hide your septic tank.

When it comes to landscaping the area around a newly installed septic tank, it can be difficult to use heavy rocks to create the upscale design you desire. Investing in some faux landscaping features can provide a great solution that will maintain your design aesthetic without compromising accessibility.

Experts advise that you have your septic tank inspected for solid waste buildup every one to three years. In order to complete these vital inspections, a technician must have access to your tank's cap.

By using faux rocks instead of real ones to conceal your septic tank, you will be able to easily move your landscaping features to provide easy access for regular maintenance and inspections.

While your septic tank serves a vital purpose in processing the waste created in your home, the tank can also be an unsightly feature in your yard. Taking the time to carefully select tall plants with shallow root systems and faux landscaping rocks that can easily be moved aside to provide access to your tank are both great ways to disguise your septic tank in the future.

Contact a local septic service for additional info.