Tips For Keeping Neighborhood Pests Out Of Your Trash

Posted on: 26 April 2016

It's sure convenient to be able to bag up your household waste, drag it to the curb and have it picked up by your local trash collection service. This convenience, however, can quickly turn into a hassle when neighborhood pests tear up your garbage and spread the contents around your driveway, yard and the sidewalk. The last thing you want to do is find yourself scrambling to pick up the waste and make yourself late for work in the process. Putting your garbage out in the morning instead of at night means that nocturnal creatures such as raccoons and skunks won't get after it. However, if your schedule doesn't permit you the time to put the garbage out in the morning, here are some tips to follow.

Invest In A Secure Bin

The average garbage bin is no match for the dexterity of a raccoon, but you can thwart these pests by upgrading to a secure garbage bin. There are many such styles of bins, but all are equipped with a heavy lid that is secured to the bin with clasps of some nature. If you can't get this type of bin right away, consider tying the lid of your garbage bin down with bungee cords -- just remember to quickly remove them in the morning to ensure your garbage collector will pick up the bin.

Spray The Bin With Ammonia

Ammonia is a big-time animal deterrent, and a few sprays of this substance on your garbage bin or bags should be enough to prompt any animals from the neighborhood to look for their sources of food elsewhere. Buy some ammonia at your home improvement store, pour some into a spray bottle and spritz the garbage once you have it out in the fresh air -- don't do it in the garage because the scent will overpower you. Using ammonia is especially ideal if you feel that you need to put your garbage out at night but can be worthwhile even in the morning if you're concerned about pests.

Install A Motion-Activated Light Nearby

Motion-activated lights are an ideal security measure for your home and can also discourage nocturnal pests from spending time near your garbage and prompt them to find another home from which to get their midnight snack. While you can hire an electrician or security contractor to install a hardwired motion-activated light in a nearby tree or elsewhere in your yard, there are also battery-powered models that are easy for the average homeowner to set up.