Three Steps To Keeping Your Outdoor Festival Clean And Sanitary

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Outdoor festivals and concerts offer a great way to bring people together, but those large groups of people often leave behind a mess. Proper sanitation is the key to leaving the festival grounds the same way you found them. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure proper sanitation at your outdoor event.

Outdoor Restrooms

You need more than just a few portable toilets to keep your festival attendees happy and keep the grounds clean. Create outdoor restroom areas that provide many of the comforts of an indoor restroom. Opt for a mixture of regular-sized and wheelchair-accessible portable toilets, and place them in two rows in the area you set aside for outdoor restrooms. The rows should sit across from each other and leave plenty of room in between for foot traffic. In the center, place a row of outdoor sinks and hand sanitizing stations so people can wash their hands as needed. Between each sink, place a trash can to keep paper towels and other garbage contained and off the ground. If your festival is a family-friendly event, consider renting portable toilets with baby changing tables for added convenience.

Trash Collection

It isn't enough just to have trash cans placed throughout your festival area. The cans may fill up quickly, particularly if you are selling food and beverages at the event. Be sure to have a crew working throughout the day to empty the cans. Assign a space for rental dumpsters your staff can empty the waste cans into, and arrange with the dumpster rental company to switch out the dumpsters at the end of each day. This will ensure there is enough room for all the trash being collected.

Put A Recycling Program Into Place

To minimize your festival's impact on the environment, consider offering recycling options to the visitors at your festival. You can rent recycling bins for paper, plastic and metal, which can be placed next to the trash cans at the event. This offers a way to dispose of plastic silverware, aluminum cans and paper plates your attendees may use while eating at the event. Be sure to post signs letting people know your festival is environmentally friendly, and make announcements reminding guests to recycle.

By creating an environment that promotes cleanliness and consciousness, you can minimize the impact you have on the festival grounds while ensuring your guests enjoy a clean outdoor event. Use these ideas and brainstorm to find even more ways you can ensure proper sanitation at your next outdoor event. For more tips, contact a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc.